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The term diabetes actually includes several different syndromes, each with different risk factors and causes. The main types of diabetes are classified as Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, Type 2, or adult onset diabetes, and Gestational diabetes, which is diabetes that begins in pregnancy. The common factor in all types of diabetes is an uncontrolled rise in blood sugar and an inability to metabolise this sugar into energy usable by cells. However, the reasons for this in Type 1 are completely different to the reasons in Type 2 and gestational diabetes, and the disease acts quite differently. Take the DIABETES RISK TEST to find out if you have any of the risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes.

Treatments and prevention

Although good treatments exist for diabetes, the emphasis in diabetes treatment today is prevention. Since much of the treatment for pre-diabetes consists in life style changes, long term education programs encouraging exercise, healthy diet and keeping excess weight off are essential in order to combat this condition.

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