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Our Allied Health

All of our allied health providers are fully qualified. Most are registered as providers with private health insurance companies and can provide care through a care plan in coordination with one of our GPs.

High Street Medical Clinic offers allied health services for the convenience of patients.

It is not necessary to obtain a referral to consult our allied health practitioners.


Do you suspect your hearing is not what it is used to be?  ** Free Services for Pensioners & Veterans



Paediatric and Adult Diagnostic Cardiology. On site assessments are available on the first Monday of each month at High Street Medical Clinic


Clinical Psychology

We believe that our unique and personalised approach towards our clients and their issues has been the key factor in our expansion to become a leader in the marketplace.


Research into the mind/body connection has demonstrated the powerful influence of our thoughts, feelings and daily life experiences upon the healthy functioning of our bodies. 


Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education aims to provide people with the skills to keep their blood sugars within normal range.



Our Dietitians are expert in food and nutrition ("dietetics"). They advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. 

Eating Behavioural Disorders

Dr Rick Kausman is a Director of the Butterfly Foundation, a Fellow of the Australian College of Psychological Medicine, and a Lifelong Fellow of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society. 



Dorevitch  Pathology is the premier provider of pathology services in Victoria.



This practice specialises in psychodynamic psychotherapy with an interpersonal approach.

Sleep Services

Sleep Services Australia specialises in home based monitoring and professional treatment for a broad range of sleep problems