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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education aims to provide people with the skills to keep their blood sugars within normal range.

Untreated diabetes can lead to a number of complications.

Important areas for diabetes management include lifestyle improvements, foot care and blood sugar monitoring, to prevent diabetes complications. 

Our Diabetes Educator, aims to assist clients make informed lifestyle choices to limit the development and /or impact of implications associated with diabetes whilst maintaining quality of life.

He offers social support in establishing support networks and acute health care to assist clients resolve and / or manage presenting problems and optimise best health outcomes.

Our experienced diabetes educator deals with a range of clinical conditions and has a great understanding of both Type 1 and Type 11 Diabetes.  

Areas of Diabetes management discussed  generally include: 

  • Commencement and titration of Insulin
  • Review of Pathology related to Diabetes
  • Weight reduction and weight management
  • Importance of healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Provision of a Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Recommendation for change in Diabetes Medication
  • SELF management strategies
  • Exercise advice and prescription
  • Reviewing cylce of care needs i.e. Podiatry, Optometry, Dietitian,

Doctors are able to refer patients for the above patient groups under EPC plans (Bulk Billed), Workcover, DVA, TAC and privately.

Paul consultants alternate Wednesdays at the clinic.

To make an appointment phone: 9510 5500

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