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Occupational Health

Safeguarding Your People and  Delivering Customised Healthcare Solutions

Our Occupational Health team delivers an extensive range of occupational health services, to protect the health and wellbeing of your employees.  Our services are focussed on prevention and early intervention and can be undertaken at the workplace or through UHGNet, our national network of affiliated medical clinics.

UHG’s solutions are developed through consultation with employers to assist them to identify risks, meet their duty of care, reduce workplace injuries, accelerate return-to-work, lower workers compensation premiums and minimise absenteeism. UHG currently provides a range of services nationally to over 100 organisations of all sizes in both the public and private sectors.

Pre Employment Health Assessments

Pre Employment Health assessments can be tailored to enable a professional independent judgement on a person’s health status to meet the specific requirements of their job.


Rail Medicals

Contractors working in the Rail Corridor or performing safety critical work must pass health assessments to confirm they are fit to do such work.

Executive Health Assessments

A comprehensive executive medical screens for early detection of diseases like, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.


Corporate Skin Checks

Reduce your company's risk of liability related to workplace skin cancer.

Health & Productivity Management Programs

Look After Your Employees & They Will Look After You


Medical Advisory Service

When Things Go Wrong We're There to Help


UHG has the team of expert health professionals to assist you to develop or review a broad range of OHS policies and procedures.


Vaccination Programs

Studies have proven that businesses who vaccinate their staff have reduced absenteeism and reduced exposure to workers’ compensation liability.

Medico Legal Opinion

An independent medical assessment provides an organisation with an independent, specialist opinion in the form of a medico-legal report.


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