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In order to maintain a high standard of care, we privately bill for our services and payment is expected at the end of your consultation.


Consultations fees are charged but vary depending on a number of factors, including consult length, medical complexity and Medicare legislation. Please note the indicative fees for medical consultations below.


Visit Type        



After 6pm & Saturdays     

Medicare Rebate   

Standard Consultation (10-15mins)                        $95                  $105 $ 38.20  
Long Consultation (up to 30mins) $152                  $162 $ 73.95  
Complex Consultation (up to 45mins) $182                  $192 $108.85  

Telephone Consultation up to 15mins

Telephone Consultation 30mins+ 



*These services are  Non-Medicare Rebatable & MUST be pre authorised by your regular GP


PENSIONERS ARE BULK BILLED FOR ROUTINE consultations between the hours of 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday   (***Attendance outside of these hours are NOT Bulk Billed***)  


HEALTHCARE CARD HOLDERS & CHILDREN UNDER 16 $20 out of pocket after the Medicare Rebate is applied - payment in full on the day of service is required.


Consultations involving Skin, Travel or Shared Care Services are NOT Bulk Billed and will incur a fee.


  Payments may be made by Credit Card or Eftpos. ** Please note we do not take cash payments.

Cancellation Fees

If you are unable to attend for a scheduled appointment, please contact us to cancel or change your appointment time. A fee of $50 will be charged for failure to attend or cancellation at short notice. (Please note: this fee is not Medicare rebatable)

  • Long consultations
  • Procedures
  • Travel Appointments
  • Mole Surveillance Imaging (Skin Checks)

Repeat Prescriptions and Referrals

Scripts and referrals are most appropriately provided during a consultation so that relevant medical history and medications are updated. Please check your requirements at each appointment.

An exception may be made after your history is reviewed by a doctor, provided that you have attended High Street Medical Clinic within the last month. 

Please note:

  • Prescriptions for habit forming medication, sleeping tablets or strong pain killers will always require an appointment
  • Referrals or Medical Certificates cannot be back dated
  • An Administration Fee of $20 will apply for repeat prescriptions and referrals.  *Please allow 24 hours for collection. 

Travel Health Clinic Fees

Travel consultation fees are privately billed with the majority being claimable from Medicare. Medicare does not cover the cost of medications, travel vaccinations or travel kits. This cost may be refundable in part from your private health insurer.

For more information about Travel Vaccinations refer to our Travel Health Clinic >> 

Other Professional Services

Professional services are those that require your doctor to revisit your medical record to respond to a request from you to access information, for example:

  • A request for copies of results.
  • A request for a copy of a lost pathology or x-ray referral.
  • A request to fax a copy of your pathology or x-ray referral.

These services may attract a Non-Medicare rebatable fee of $25.00

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