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Skin Check Mole Check

Skin Health

We offer a range of skin services at High Street Medical Clinic including Molemax Mole Surveillance imaging.

Our doctors have additional experience and training in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer although they are not dermatologists or plastic surgeons.

Skin Problems & Procedures

We can assess the condition of your skin and recommend treatments for conditions ranging from sensitive skin through to skin cancer.

We treat skin cancers as well as other lumps and bumps such as warts and fungal infections to name a few. Our doctors utilise surgical excision and cryotherapy (freezing) depending on what is most appropriate.

When should you see a Doctor about your Skin?

  • When you notice any changes on the skin
  • When you have a sore, cut or scratch that does not heal
  • When a new mole, lump or spot appears
  • When an existing mole changes colour, size, shape or has started to itch or bleed
  • When a spot or lump bleeds easily when rubbed.
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