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Skin Checks using MoleMax®

This technology has the capability to assist doctors in the early detection of melanoma. In the past, a large number of dysplastic moles were removes as it was difficult to monitor them.

Moles can be normal, cancerous or in between which we call dysplastic

MoleMax Scanning

High Street Medical Clinic has the latest state of the art MoleMAX II scanner, developed by the University of Vienna. Research with this machine has shown that there are a number of early warning signs to assist diagnosis of malignant skin lesions.

The MoleMAX II machine allows for very high magnification with special light frequencies to let the doctor look into the structure of the skin. The technology is world leading and allows for even earlier diagnosis and treatment.

The MoleMax II was the first integrated system for digital epiluminescence microscopy and macro imaging in the world. Researches at the Department of Dermatology, University of Vienna Medical School assisted in the development of the technology and application. 

Importantly, the MoleMAX® computer stores all images of moles and lesions for future baseline comparison. It is available at other medical clinics around Australia so upon request we can provide you with a copy for your records.

To make a booking for this procedure please call the clinic direct on 9510 5500.

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