Hepatitis A 

Infectious agent: Hepatitis A virus

Main symptom(s): Liver disease

Where is it most commonly found?

Countries where the Hepatitis A is moderately-to-highly endemic (commonly present), including all developing countries.

How are you likely to catch the disease?

Direct faecal-oral contamination or by consuming contaminated water or food.

Who needs to be vaccinated?

All travellers >1 years old travelling to an area with a moderate-to-high risk of hepatitis A infection including all developing countries.

How is the vaccination given?

Two injections, 6 to 12 months apart. It’s best to have the first injection at least two weeks before you travel, but it’s possible to have it the day before you leave.

How long will the vaccination protect you for?

Having both doses of the vaccine can give you up to 20 years protection.

Other protective measures you can take

Food and water hygiene and hand washing precautions

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