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Antenatal Shared Medical Care in Pregnancy

What is Antenatal Shared Maternity Care?

Antenatal shared maternity care means that a woman's pregnancy care is shared between the hospital and a doctor or local midwife who is affiliated with that hospital.

What does Shared Maternity Care involve? 

Shared maternity care GPs act as a team in the provision of each woman's antenatal care. Responsibility is shared for the woman's care including communication and management of results and abnormal findings.

Who is eligible?

Shared maternity care is an option for healthy women with a low risk pregnancy to have some of their pregnancy care undertaken with their GP and some visits at the hospital, antenatal clinic or midwife clinic or birth centre.

Your GP will advise you how often you should attend for appointments and as your delivery date nears, these visits will increase in frequency (e.g. fortnightly/weekly rather than monthly).

Generally, from 36 weeks onwards your antenatal consultations will be at your nominated 'shared care' hospital.

Postnatal check-ups at 6 - 8 weeks may be perforrmed by your GP.

Dr Joy Allinson, Dr Chris FogartyDr Suzanne Field and Dr Audrey Ting are General Practitioners and registered affilliates of the Royal Women's Hospital (Parkville & Sandringham), and Mercy Maternity Hospital and are readily available to provide this service.

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