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Comprehensive Skin Cancer Examination

Computer software and mole mapping technology, Dermengine is used by a doctor to check skin for changes in skin spots that may indicate skin cancer in a patient.

The Total Body Mole Mapping Photography service goes beyond traditional mole checks. Utilising cutting-edge imaging technology, we offer an unparalleled approach to monitoring your skin’s health, ensuring every mole and spot is accounted for and tracked over time. Total Body Mole Mapping is available with our extensive “Total body mole mapping photography with Full body skin check” service and is a proactive step towards early skin cancer detection and peace of mind.

Is this the right service for you?

Total Body Mole Mapping Photography captures detailed images of your entire skin surface. This service is particularly vital for individuals with:

  • If you have high risk of melanoma or over 100 moles on your body, you should consider having mole mapping every year. There is evidence that mole mapping can allow earlier detection of melanoma in high risk patients and therefore improve the chances of successful treatment.
  • Even if you don’t have very high melanoma risk, you may choose to have mole mapping because you would like additional reassurance with a photographic record of your skin spots that can be compared to at each subsequent visit.

By creating a comprehensive visual record, our qualified skin doctors can detect minute changes in your skin, often before they can be seen or felt.

What to Expect

Total body mole mapping includes:

  • A series of 30 total body mole mapping images taken by our trained nurses documenting almost all areas of the body.
  • Macro-photography of individual skin lesions of interest or concern.
  • For follow-up appointments: When you attend for follow-up mole mapping, new photographs (both total body mole mapping photographs & individual macro-photographs) will be compared with previous sets of photos to assist in detection of new and changing skin lesions.
  • If any suspicious or atypical lesions are detected during the examination, your doctor will be able to offer appropriate investigations or discuss treatment options.
  • Length of appointment: 45 – 60 min (*Please note that total body mole mapping is provided with a full body skin check) 


We offer competitive pricing with our qualified skin doctors:

  • Full price – $285 (includes full body skin check)
  • Discount for pension cardholders $250

Skin Cancer Doctors


We recommend annual sessions to effectively monitor changes in your skin. However, your doctor may suggest a different frequency based on your personal risk factors.

Absolutely. The photography process is completely safe and non-invasive, involving no radiation or discomfort.

While it is an effective tool for early detection, it’s part of a comprehensive skin health strategy. Regular check-ups and being aware of new or changing lesions are also crucial.

Our mole mapping service is conveniently located in Prahran, an inner suburb of Melbourne, only 5 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Our address is 139 High Street, Prahran.

Yes, you will be asked to undress to your underwear and take off any jewellery for the examination. This allows the doctor to thoroughly check your skin, including areas that are not regularly exposed to the sun.

If any suspicious spots or moles are found, the doctor may take a closer look with a dermatoscope, discuss the findings with you, and recommend the next steps, which may include a biopsy, treatments, or referral to a specialist.

Yes, if it makes you more comfortable, you can bring a friend or family member to the appointment. Please inform our clinic beforehand if you plan to do so.

Unlike mole checks which are targeted to up to 3 spots, mole mapping (Total Body Photography) is a comprehensive skin cancer examination that includes a full-body skin check, total-body photography and macrophotography of skin spots. 

Utilising the latest in mole mapping technology (Dermengine) for our skin cancer checks, we can create a photographic record of your skin and moles. This will serve as a baseline for your future skin checks and assist your GP to define if a spot is totally new, or if any changes have occurred in pre-existing moles.

View our comprehensive Skin Check Services to explore more ways we can help you maintain your skin’s health.

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