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Up to 3 Spots Checked

A doctor performing a mole check on a patient; a service offered at High Street Medical Clinic, in inner Melbourne.

A targeted area Mole Check is designed to closely examine up to three specific spots of concern on your skin. Whether it’s a new mole or a change in an existing spot, we provide a focused check using best practices and skin cancer technology to assess these areas in detail.

Is this the right service for you?

A mole check is appropriate if:

  • You have just one or a couple of spots of concern (i.e., if one of your existing moles changes colour, size, shape or has started to itch or bleed), then you should have those spots checked.

If, however, you have risk factors for skin cancer and haven’t had a full body skin check for over a year, it’s usually preferable to have your whole body checked, in case of skin cancers you aren’t aware of. View our full body skin check service [link to service page].

What to Expect

When visiting us for a mole check, this is what to expect:

  1. Duration of appointment: 15 min
  2. Limited skin check of up to 3 concerning skin lesions by a qualified skin cancer doctor, using dermatoscopy.
  3. Macro-photography will be taken of these individual skin lesions of concern.
  4. If any suspicious or atypical lesions are detected during the examination, your doctor will be able to offer appropriate investigations or discuss treatment options.


We offer competitive pricing for mole checks with our qualified skin doctors:

  • Full price – $110
  • Discount for pension cardholders

Skin Cancer Doctors


A Mole Check is a focused examination conducted by a qualified GP, that is specifically designed to assess up to three moles or skin lesions of concern. This service aims to quickly address potential issues with specific spots on your skin.

Unlike a Full Body Skin Exam that assesses your entire skin surface, a Mole Check focuses on up to three specific moles or lesions. This allows for a detailed examination of areas that you are particularly concerned about.

During the check, the GP will closely examine the specified moles using a dermatoscope, assessing for any signs of skin cancer or other skin conditions. The process is quick, non-invasive, and focused on your areas of concern.

A Mole Check typically takes about 15 minutes, depending on the need for a detailed examination or discussion about the findings.

If your GP identifies any suspicious characteristics in the examined moles, they may recommend further diagnostic procedures such as a biopsy. Your GP will discuss all potential next steps, including treatment options or referral to a specialist if necessary.

The check itself is painless. If a biopsy or further treatment is needed, local anaesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort.

The frequency of a Mole Check depends on individual factors such as your skin type, history of sun exposure, and the presence of new or changing moles. It’s best to consult with your GP for personalised advice.

Absolutely. This service is designed to address your specific concerns. You are encouraged to identify up to three moles or lesions that you would like your GP to examine closely.

Explore our Skin Check Services to learn more about early detection and prevention.

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