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Winter is the best time for a skin check and here’s why:

It is the most common type of cancer in Australia. More than 13,000 are diagnosed with melanoma in 1 year alone. Treatment and prevention are available. Book your yearly skin cancer check today. What exactly is skin cancer? When we talk about skin cancer, it is important to know that there are 3 different layers

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international womens day hsmc

March is the month to celebrate women: At High Street Medical, we acknowledge IWD by discussing women’s health and their well-being

In this month’s article, we discuss the complex aspects of women’s health, the burden of disease and how High Street Medical focuses on providing women with the highest quality of care through holistic and evidence-based practice. Understanding women’s health When it comes to talking about women’s health, it is important to understand the different factors

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The myth of invincibility that causes men to avoid the doctor.

It’s a statistical fact; men are less likely to visit a doctor, and when they do, they keep appointments short. Suppose you do not see a GP regularly or at all. In that case, we encourage you to start because statistically, men typically only attend to their health issues in the later stages, and sometimes

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A woman using asthma medication to prevent thunderstorm asthma in Melbourne

Thunderstorm Asthma: Asthma’s link to wind and rain

If you’re wondering if a storm can actually make you sick, the answer is yes! Scientists for a long time have studied the relationship between weather and Asthma. And they have all found a strong link between gusting, strong winds, and Asthma. Let’s find out more about Thunderstorm Asthma

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A women wearing the pink ribbon smiling for the breast cancer awareness month 2021

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the breast cancer awareness month, and here at High Street Medical Clinic, we’re serious about this disease. We’ve come up with a blog on the importance about early detection and why you don’t have to be an expert to be breast aware.

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women's health week 2021

Women’s Health Week 2021 – Powerful Stuff

Centred around women’s wellbeing, Women’s Health Week is Australia’s most significant event encouraging women and girls to put their health first. Since its conception in 2013, Women’s Health Week has gained momentum to become one of the nation’s most prominent events celebrating women. This week-long event serves to remind all women and girls to prioritise

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why heart health is important

Treat Your Heart Right: It’s time for a heart health check-up

Often called the “silent killer,” heart disease kills millions worldwide every year. A regular heart check-up with your GP is the best way to identify and avoid risk factors before they can cause harm. Why is heart health important? Did you know that your heart pumps over 2000 gallons of blood every single day and

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national diabetes week

National Diabetes Week

This year, National Diabetes Week will run from 11 – 17 July and this year the focus is on challenging diabetes-related stigma. If you’re diabetic, you’ll know the impact diabetes has on your life and how it impacts other aspects of your health, including mental health. Having a good care plan and a caring GP

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shared care at hsmc prahran

Sharing is Caring: Maternity Shared-Care with a GP

Now that you’re pregnant, taking care of yourself has never been more important. Eating a nutritious diet, keeping physically active and mental wellbeing are perhaps the 3 most crucial steps to keep yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy.

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