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Nutrition, Keeping active and wellbeing are the 3 steps towards a healthy pregnancy

Now that you’re pregnant, taking care of yourself has never been more important. Eating a nutritious diet, keeping physically active and mental wellbeing are perhaps the 3 most crucial steps to keep yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy. 

1. Nutrition 

Make sure you eat plenty of nutritious food to contribute to your baby’s growth and development. 

Eat a balanced diet, and you will be rewarded with the goodness of many nutrients. Some nutrients such as calcium, iron and folic acid are a must during pregnancy. It is only in your second and third trimesters when you may require to eat a little extra.

Eating a little more veggies or eating an extra serving of lean meat is all you’ll need. And avoid alcohol, and don’t indulge in highly processed food, as they are rich in calories, sugar and unhealthy fats. 

For more information on a healthy diet, read our nutrition advice during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman seeking wellbeing support for her healthcare professional, 3 steps towards a healthy pregnancy

2. Keeping Active 

Staying active during pregnancy will give you more energy, help you sleep better and improve your mood. It helps your body to prepare for labour and recovery. 

For a great start, walk instead of driving, take the steps instead of getting the lift or do light resistance exercises. Aim for at least 30 to 60 minutes of activities every day. 

Listen to your body and stay hydrated. 

For more information, read Physical activity advice during pregnancy.

A happy pregnant woman doing floor exercise to keep active, 3 steps to healthy pregnancy

3. Wellbeing

It is important to look after yourself. That means taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing. If you need support, reach out to your partner, family, friends or your healthcare professionals. 

Some days you may feel full of energy, some days you might feel a bit low. 

When having a low day, you can try exercising, deep breathing, catching up with a friend or taking a walk at your local park. 

Read more tips for supporting someone who is pregnant.

A pregnant woman cutting kiwis for nutrition, 3 steps towards a healthy pregnancy

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